Yes, we are founded! After having taken a lot of time to think about what exactly the goals of our association should be and after having worked out a corresponding charter together, we met today, April 8th, 2020, with 11 founding members and we founded the busFaktor() association together.

Founding of the Association

We wanted an association for the development and distribution of free and open source software, mainly for use by non-profit organizations. We would like to publish this source code as reference and learning material and also provide instructions and learning content for software development and software deployment, e.g. in Git repositories.

But we do not only want to do that, we also want to offer technical support and consulting for non-profit organizations that may not have the necessary know-how themselves.

Furthermore, we aim to provide public education on privacy and information security issues, e.g. in the form of blog articles or posts in social networks.

We have a lot of experience with pair programming and are looking for the exchange of experience and knowledge in the context of publicly accessible video conferences for pair programming on free software projects.

Last but not least, we will also participate in meetings and public information events and exchange our knowledge there.

What's next?

Since we could only meet online, thanks to the Coronavirus, our charter is now being sent around by mail. When it arrives again, we go to the notary, so that we can be registered in the German register of associations.

Since we want to be a non-profit registered association, we have to submit the registration of the association and our statutes to the tax office to get the recognition of non-profit status. Keep your fingers crossed that now, when thanks to Corona so many things are going differently than usual, everything will go smoothly.